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Tap Into Maximum Welding Potential

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May 2015

Tap Into Maximum Welding Potential

Aluminum SystemsAluminum can be a challenging material in the manufacturing realm, but not every manufacturer faces the same challenges. That's why Lincoln Electric offers three unique, feature-packed solutions - the AlumaFab®, Power Wave® S350 and Power Wave S350 with Advanced Module - tailored to a user's specific needs. And all include the essential attributes you should expect for success in welding aluminum. MORE

Gem-Pak Aluminum Bulk Packaging System

Gem-PakThe Gem-Pak™ is an aluminum MIG wire bulk packaging system that incorporates hundreds of glass gems to hold the wire in place for seamless feeding throughout the welding process – creating a controlled feed system unlike any other aluminum bulk packaging system in the industry. It improves wire feedability and increases production. Gem-Pak performance is so predictable, it's guaranteed. MORE 

Forming Aluminum Alloys at Elevated Temperatures

OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry have begun warming aluminum alloys to further simplify the shaping process. In this article for Stamping Journal, also featured on, Dr. Taylan Altan and Long Ju of The Ohio State University Center for Precision Forming give an update on the development of this research, and a detailed explanation of which alloys operate best under certain temperatures and why. MORE 

Study Finds Aluminum Cans the Sustainable Package of Choice

Aluminum cans are the most recycled and highest value beverage container on the market today, according to a new report released by the Aluminum Association and Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI). The aluminum can has the highest recycling rate of any beverage container and contains 70 percent recycled content on average - more than three times the recycled content of glass or plastic (PET) bottles. MORE 

Light Metal, Heavy Changes

The 21st century has brought about many new aluminum solutions in the manufacturing industry, allowing it to grow and expand. This article from Recycling Today highlights the growth of multiple aluminum producers in the United States, and how the popularity of aluminum scrap has influenced these companies financially. MORE

Materials Debate: Aluminum vs. Steel

The recent hype and popularity of the new Ford F150's aluminum body has caused a serious debate in the automotive industry. Companies are skeptical of buying expensive aluminum welding equipment, worried that aluminum-bodied vehicles are a fad that will die out within the next decade. Collision Repair Magazine weighs both sides of this debate, and speaks with industry professionals about their opinions of the issue. MORE

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