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What Not To Do When Excessive Contact Tip Burnback Occurs

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  • Feb 12, 2016
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Element ALThe latest news on aluminum alloys, including market trends, technology advancements and more!

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February 2016

AlumaFab Multi-Process System


Built on a simple platform, the AlumaFab® multi-process system is easy to set up and easy to operate, yet rugged enough for any heavy-duty aluminum application. AlumaFab leverages key technologies to overcome common welding issues like erratic feeding, arc instability and soot. With AlumaFab, you don't have to worry about using the correct settings - just dial in and weld. AlumaFab has the standard CV Pulse and CV Spray modes to satisfy your most essential Aluminum welding needs, and CC Pulse (Constant Current Pulse) improves upon the standard pulse waveform to provide better stability while whipping or shuffling the weld puddle with a smooth arc, while still maintaining excellent starts and stops. MORE

SuperGlaze HD Gem-Pak

SuperGlaze HD Gem-Pak

SuperGlaze® HD Aluminum MIG Wire is now available in 200-lb. Gem-Pak™ packages! Lincoln Electric's patented Gem-Pak is a bulk packaging system designed to increase production without using expensive external payoff devices. This engineered system creates a controlled feed system unlike any other aluminum bulk packaging system in the industry. MORE

What Not To Do When Excessive Contact Tip Burnback Occurs

When welding aluminum, excessive burnback on contact tips can occur for a multitude of reasons. Some try to remedy this by using an oversized contact tip, but this creates a nonuniform space between the tip hole and the wire, causing even more burnback. In his latest Practical Welding Today "Aluminum Workshop" article - also appearing on FMA's - Frank Armao, Director of Aluminum Welding Technology at Lincoln Electric, explains why contact tips are important in the welding process and what you shouldn't do to remedy burnback problems. MORE

Rolls Royce Moves Into the Aluminum Age

Ford, General Motors and other automobile manufacturers are already utilizing aluminum, and consumers are beginning to expect light-weighting as the new trend, welcoming better fuel consumption and increased towing weights, says MetalMiner. Now, luxury manufacturer Rolls Royce is also going aluminum, in an effort to increase fuel consumption, responsiveness and ride comfort. MORE

Altogether More Sustainable

Constellium, a designer and manufacturer of aluminum products and components, believes that improving the sustainability of the aluminum industry is a collaborative effort with many stakeholders. This piece from Recycling Today looks at why Constellium believes recycled content is the wrong incentive and the importance of obsolete scrap in reducing aluminum's environmental footprint. MORE

Alcoa Wins 4th Major Boeing Contract

According to Canadian Metalworking, Alcoa has announced a long-term supply agreement with Boeing for multi-material aerospace parts. Under this agreement, Alcoa will supply components for the 777X, the 737 MAX and the 787 Dreamliner. MORE 

Gem Pak

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