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New! Magnum PRO AL Push-Pull Gun with Front Trigger

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  • Sep 08, 2016
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New! Magnum PRO AL Push-Pull Gun with Front Trigger

We are pleased to introduce an expansion of the Magnum® PRO AL push-pull gun line. The new guns feature a front-mounted trigger for operators that prefer this configuration.

Key highlights for all Magnum PRO AL push-pull guns include:

  • Premium push-pull wire feeding technology reduces wire feed path friction, resulting in smooth feeding and minimized damage to the wire.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handle provides optimal weight distribution for better feel and control.
  • Use the patented EZ-Lock™ system to easily change or rotate the gun barrels anytime.
  • Recessed adjustment dial is located at the bottom of the handle to prevent unwanted setting changes while welding.

Learn more about our Magnum PRO AL Push-Pull Guns

View/download/print Magnum PRO AL Product Info (PDF)

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