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Flextec 350X CE Models Now Available

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  • Apr 07, 2017
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Flextec® 350X CE Models Now Available

The Flextec® 350X Construction CE and Flextec 350X Standard CE machines are available for sale. These machines have DINSE®/Twist-Mate™ output connectors and come fully assembled with the CE Filter attached.

This allows for those countries requiring CE compliance to order one simple and complete package with no additional assembly required.

K4283-1                Flextec 350X Construction CE 380-575V (DINSE)
K4284-1                Flextec 350X Standard CE 380-575 (DINSE)

These One-Pak® packages listed below will be discontinued immediately.

K4291-1                Flextec 350X Construction CE (380-575) One-Pak (Tweco®)
K4292-1                Flextec 350X Standard CE (380-575) One-Pak (Tweco)

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