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New Vantage® 500-I Models Now Available

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  • Jul 21, 2017
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What's New - Breaking News at Lincoln Electric

New Vantage® 500-I Models Now Available 

Lincoln Electric is very pleased to introduce two new Vantage 500-I models.  End users looking for a rugged, reliable and capable welder for demanding construction, pipe and repair applications, take a close look at these new machines.  


Key Features:


K3385-1   Vantage 500-I (Polarity Switch)

  • Multi-Process Welding, Separate Arc Gouge Mode
  • Polarity Switch to Run DC- for Root Pass and DC+ for Fill and Cap Passes
  • Desert Duty™ Rated
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Compact Case with Stainless Steel Enclosure

K3385-2   Vantage 500-I (RCD Installed)

  • Multi-Process Welding, Separate Arc Gouge Mode
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) Included
  • Lower Sound than Previous Vantage 500-I Model
  • Spark Arrestor Included
  • Desert Duty™ Rated
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Compact Case with Stainless Steel Enclosure

Both Vantage 500-I models feature a 32.7 HP Perkins® water cooled diesel engine. These machines produce 400 amps DC/36 volts at 100% duty cycle and 500 amps DC/30 volts at 40% duty cycle of weld output.  In addition, both machines provide 19 kW peak (17 kW continuous) 220V 1-phase or 380V 3-phase 60 Hz AC generator output.

 Vantage 500-I Overview

Vantage 500-I Product Literature

Please contact me if you have any questions.


John Wasko
Associate Product Manager – Engine Drives
The Lincoln Electric Company
216-383-4881 (office)

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