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  • May 22, 2015
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You Wanted to Know...    


You've asked and we've listened! We receive dozens of customer questions every day. Whether you need advice on the best line boring machine option that will meet specific job requirements or information about our summer internship program, we have an answer readily available for you


Click here to see one of our most frequently asked questions.



Three Cost-effective Maintenance Options for your BB5000 and BB4500

Whether you're getting ready for an important repair or want to restore your line boring machine to its original factory performance, check out three cost-effective maintenance options available from CLIMAX for keeping your line boring machine operating at peak performance.  


Click here to read more.




Automated Boring and Welding Machines Yield Higher Productivity


Automated, portable tools incorporate high-efficiency bore welding with their machining systems. This combination reduces weld time and improves productivity while enhancing safety for welders and machinists.


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Making the Difficult Doable


Read how a CLIMAX customer with a BW5000 AutoBoreWelder, a jib crane and a little ingenuity was able to greatly reduce the time and headache normally associated with repairing a large, unwieldy rock crusher head. 


Read the full story here.







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