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CLIMAX Releases Pneumatic Drilling System

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  • Mar 14, 2016
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CLIMAX Introduces Advanced Pneumatic Drilling System


CLIMAX Portable Machining & Welding Systems, Inc., industry pioneer and the world's premier designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art portable machining, welding, and valve testing equipment, announced the release of the PD3000 pneumatic drill, now available for purchase. The new PD3000 delivers high-torque performance to quickly drill more holes in less time!


"This drill has more power and will last longer! For users that do a lot of repeated hole work, this drill locks in place on a template, turn it on, and it automatically feeds. No need to indicate every hole in or feed by hand"


 - Kevin Vincent, CLIMAX Major Account Manager


Key benefits include:

POWER: With a 3.0 HP motor, the PD3000 is

equipped with roughly 30% more power than similar drills and can drill 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) holes, through 3 inches (76.2 mm) of HY80 steel in roughly three and half minutes.


RELIABILITY: The PD3000 uses a clutch system rather than shear pins which prevents the drill from damaging itself in a stall condition. This feature increases drilling up-time, extending the life of the drill, and drastically reducing maintenance costs making the PD3000 the most reliable drill of its kind.


SAFETY: The low-pressure drop-out prevents unintended restarts after loss of supplied air pressure.


Karl Williams, CLIMAX Sr. Design Engineer comments: "The PD3000 drill was designed to last. The gear train is manufactured to drill thousands of holes without failure. Each gear is fully supported by 2 bearings, with controls designed to be simple and safe. An automatic low pressure drop-out circuit helps prevent the operator from unexpected re-start conditions when momentary air-line interruptions occur. Just mount the drill, press the start button and the drill will do the rest."  


Kevin Vincent, CLIMAX Major Account Manager adds: "The PD3000 addresses a key heartburn for many of my shipbuilding and ship repair customers, who need a robust, powerful, and long lasting machine that can rapidly speed up heavy duty, repetitive hole drilling projects. This drill has more power and will last longer!  For users that do a lot of repeated hole work, this drill locks in place on a template, turn it on, and it automatically feeds. No need to indicate every hole in or feed by hand. The response has been outstanding!"


"At CLIMAX, we are committed to delivering outrageously good customer service - every interaction, every time, everywhere!  This drill is the result of a great collaboration between our sales team, engineers, and a frustrated customer who spent way too much time, aggravation, and money on drills that didn't work." said Tom Cunningham, President and CEO. "Engineers who have the experience and practical knowledge to design brilliant portable solutions, is extremely limited, and right now, most of those engineers work for CLIMAX! This is why the biggest names in the shipbuilding industry love this drill and continue to choose CLIMAX."


Does this sound like the perfect tool for your company? Contact us today to learn more about the PD3000 Pneumatic Drill





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