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H&S Tool is excited to announce the release of the new SPEED FACER ODFThis new series of outer-diameter-mount flange facers are now available to rent or buy!


"These are great machines. The first time I used the ODF60 Speed Facer, it was super easy to set up and the machine ran perfectly - I can't wait to use it again!"


- Otis Anglin, Project Manager for Westinghouse



The new SPEED FACERS are designed with safety and productivity-enhancing features that will clearly separate this line of machines from the competition.



Key Benefits

  • Powerful, precise machining performance: The new SPEED FACERS offer more power resulting in higher metal removal rates to get the job done fast. They were designed with multiple feed trippers to actuate the adjustable feed unit allowing aggressive feed rates for maximum metal removal as needed. 
  • Versatility and ease of use:  The SPEED FACERS come standard with setup fingers and leveling feet allowing for quick and easy setup and alignment of the machine reducing crane time. Select from 4 models sized to machine flanges up to 40.5, 50.5, 60.5 or 70.5 inches (1028.7, 1282.7, 1536.7 or 1790.7 mm) in diameter. The automatic and variable feed rate come standard, which provides a host of benefits including time savings, easy machining of various types of materials and variable surface finishes. In addition, the tool head and tool bit rotate to any angle. 
  • Safety:  The SPEED FACERS are CE-certified and engineered with safety in mind, setting a new bar for keeping operators safe and productive. The bearing guards keep chips and debris out of the bearing and belt drive system protecting the operator from exposed pinch and entanglement hazards. The auto feed system keeps operators hands safe from moving parts and keeps the job running smoothing. An engineered emergency stop allows for quick stops and controlled re-starts. The low-pressure drop-out prevents unintended restarts after loss of supplied air pressure.





Does this sound like the perfect tool for your company? It's ready to ship today!


Contact us to learn more about the product or to determine the right flange facing solution for your business.  







CLIMAX | H&S Tool, 316 Tanglin Road #02-01, Singapore, 247978 Singapore



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