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August Newsletter : Simplifying your day

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  • Aug 21, 2015
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Used Valve Grinder Wins Admiration of New Owner  


Five years ago, in the heart of British Columbia timber country, VanValve Service Centre & Sales bought a CLIMAX VM5800 valve machine.


Learn more about their continuous use of the tool since then, as a tilt table for grinding wedge gates. 




Leveling Your Flange Facer in 8 Easy Steps

Accurately leveling and centering your flange facer is an essential part of machining. CLIMAX Product Trainer Chase Stewmon shares eight easy steps to accurately level and center your flange facer.   


Click here to read more.




When Something That Should Be Flat, Square or Smooth - Isn't 


At their core, problems CLIMAX customers encounter typically boil down to two characteristics: Something that should be flat or smooth isn't any longer, and it's in a place where repair facilities are inconveniently far off. When faced with these challenges, CLIMAX is a go-to repair provider known for its tool versatility and excellent machining results.


Click here to read more.




You Asked, We Listened


Our FAQ is back! We wanted to share another frequently asked question with expertise from our Global Training Leader Jim Miller. 


Click here to see how experts in the field can benefit from CLIMAX training.





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