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Bug-O Systems Winter News 2017

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Bug-O Systems Newsletter                                                                                            Winter 2017

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Check out the latest news and events from Bug-O Systems.  


In This Issue

Bug-O Partners with Local Steamfitters

Custom Videos Support Sales and Provide Excellent Customer Service

Engineer Expectations

Customized Solutions and Support Provided by our Technical Sales Group

A Tribute to Herbert E. Cable

Fabtech Show 2016 Highlights


Bug-O Partners with Local Steamfitters


Bug-O is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Western Pennsylvania Steamfitters Local 449.


In December 2015, ground was broken on a new $20 million, 75,000 square foot training center. After almost a year of construction, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf attended the ribbon cutting, along with Steamfitters members, members of the press, and manufacturers from around the country. This new training center will consolidate local unions in Pittsburgh and Erie Pennsylvania into one location halfway between both cities.  More


Custom Videos Support Sales and Provide Excellent Customer Service


Recently, Bug-O Systems has been utilizing modern technology to add another tool to our sales force: project-specific demonstration videos. Often times, our customers are unable to come to our factory for demos because of travel logistics or cost reasons; or sometimes a project requires multiple revisions and tests over the course of weeks or more. Our videos solve this problem by delivering the demo right to their email inbox.   More


Engineer Expectations


What we expect from our Engineers today is much different than what we expected years ago. In retrospect, "Legacy Engineers" had it pretty good. They were more subject matter experts than individuals with multidiscipline versatility.


Mechanical Engineers are now required to have vast knowledge of electronics and software development. Electrical Engineers are now required to have expert knowledge in writing code for motion control. Software Engineers that wrote code are now expected to have all knowledge of cloud based systems and security issues related to management data.  More


Customized Solutions and Support Provided by our Technical Sales Group


The Technical Sales and Special Systems Group at Bug-O Systems are here to support your needs in the application of all Bug-O products. Providing support to our customers and sales staff regarding the methods and techniques used in the application of our products is our primary task.   More


A Tribute to
Herbert E. Cable


Herbert E. Cable passed away peacefully in his sleep November 26, 2016. Born in 1931 in Cleveland, OH, Herb was the son of Ed and Kathryn Cable. Throughout his high school years, Herb worked on ore boats in the Great Lakes and in rail yards around Pittsburgh. He attended college at Washington & Jefferson College where he was a member of the Pershing Rifles and ROTC. Immediately following college, Herb was an active duty Captain in the U. S. Army, stationed at Fort Eustis in Virginia.   More


Fabtech Show 2016 Highlights


There is no doubt that most of us consider the FABTECH Show to be the "Super-Bowl" for the welding, cutting and fabricating industries. This year's show in Las Vegas is fondly referred to as the "Super-Bowl" because it is the largest show in North American where one can view live demonstrations and visit with manufacturers offering technology and equipment that serve the metal forming, fabricating, welding and cutting industries. FABTECH 2016 was a 3-day event spanning over 575,000 square feet and the show welcomed over 1500 exhibiting companies.   More


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