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Unmatched Versatility – H&S TOOL End Prep Tool Holders

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For more than 40 years, H&S TOOL has developed precision, state-of-the-art portable machine tools that solve the world’s toughest problems. Our line-up of ID-mounted End Prep Tools for Tube and Pipe Beveling combines power, versatility, and ease of use in a compact and lightweight package.  


Designed to perform on-site machining on boiler tubes or other pipe applications, H&S TOOL offers multiple tool holders to maximize cutting performance and versatility, and making short work of your end prep projects.




The H&S TOOL patented Multi-Prep® can perform up to three tasks in one operation. The Multi-Prep® tool holder can OD bevel and remove fins, overlay, or membranes, and clean the Tube OD simultaneously. These tool holders can be customized for extended reach for fin removal, OD clean operations, and beveling. Specialized tool options like a single side clad removal cutter are also available.


Multi-Prep Fin Removal & Beveling Tool

Multi-Prep OD Clean & Beveling Tool

Multi-Prep Tube Membrane Removal & Beveling Tool




The H&S TOOL Sliding Tool Holders use standard S-Base blades which provides full range coverage to reduce tooling costs.


Other key advantages include:


·     Set Up - Just line up the blade in the tool holder and lock it down.

·     Extended Tool Life - The blade can be moved in the tool holder, allowing full use of the blade before re-grind.

·     Ease of Use - Standard S-Base blades cover the full range by sliding the blade in or out.

·     Versatility - With variable positioning of the blades and the ability to use multiple blades, users can tackle a wider range of applications. 

·     Efficiency - The sliding tool holder accepts multiple cutters, giving users the ability to perform three operations at the same time.

·     Customizable - Custom tooling is available, made from high-quality tool steel, carbide, or titanium nitride coated materials.




H&S TOOL Fixed Tool Holders come in several sizes and varieties to align with nearly any application.


Other key advantages include:


·     Greater rigidity

·     ‘Plug and play’: Just insert the blades and go

·     Extended Tool Life: Blade only wears in one spot

·     C & D Blades – Choose between two blade types to cover the full range of the machine

·     Preferred choice of veteran technicians


Other key H&S TOOL BOILER GUN™ and POWER BEVELER advantages include:


·     Versatile locking systems 

·     Easy-to-use feed systems

·     Flexible cutter speeds

·     Industry-leading power and performance

·     World’s largest selection of special machining tools

·     High-quality blades


Ask us for a demo and head-to-head comparison with any other brand, and we’ll show you why the H&S TOOL End Prep Tools are the best in the industry. From our tools, consulting, application engineering, custom design, training, start-up and commissioning, after-sale service, spare parts, equipment repair and maintenance, tooling and bits, and rentals – H&S TOOL offers unmatched value.


308 Tanglin Road #02-01, Singapore 247974

Tel: +65-6801-0662 | Email: |



LEGAL NOTICE: Proper training must be obtained and proper procedures must be followed and proper supervision must be in place and appropriate personal protective equipment must be utilized at all times when using portable machine tools or valve testing equipment of any kind for any purpose. Please pay careful attention to the instructions and warnings provided in connection with the product and services. CLIMAX | H&S TOOL | CALDER products and services are subject to specific written limitations of liabilities and are covered by express limited warranties, which shall apply to the purchase, rental or use of the products. NO WARRANTIES ARE GIVEN EXCEPT FOR ANY APPLICABLE EXPRESS WRITTEN WARRANTIES SPECIFICALLY PROVIDED BY CLIMAX | H&S TOOL | CALDER. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY WAIVED. The buyer assumes all risks and liabilities associated with the use of the product.

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