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A Guide to Aluminum Welding

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Element ALThe latest news on aluminum alloys, including market trends, technology advancements and more!

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December 2015

AutoDrive SA Aluminum Servo Torch Solution

AutoDrive S

When it comes to welding aluminum parts robotically, arc starts and consistent wire feeding are crucial. AutoDrive® SA is a high-performance aluminum servo torch solution engineered to address the common problems with robotic aluminum welding - all to make the welding process easier and hassle-free. The system integrates with a robot and communicates directly with a Lincoln Electric Power Wave® resulting in a best-in-class aluminum solution. MORE

Watch the AutoDrive Advanced Robotic Wire Feed Systems Video

AutoDrive Video

The AutoDrive S and SA are servo-driven wire feeders for steel and aluminum fabrication. Partnered with touch-retract starting technology, these systems can provide clean starts, minimal spatter, and consistent bead profiles. Learn more about the features of these systems in this video. MORE

A Guide to Aluminum Welding

Follow the rules of thumb offered here for selecting welding equipment, preparing base materials, applying proper technique, and visually inspecting weldments to ensure high-quality gas-metal-and gas tungsten-arc welds on aluminum alloys. MORE

Plugging Apprenticeships to Plug the Skills Gap

As reported by U.S. News & World Report, tucked away on the banks of the James River in Newport News, VA, is a school more selective than any Ivy League college. Its students are paid for their time and receive benefits including health insurance, vacation and free textbooks, and graduates are virtually guaranteed to get a job with a starting salary matching those garnered by grads of many of the nation's top-flight schools. The Apprentice School trains students in various aspects of shipbuilding and supports Newport News Shipbuilding. MORE

Cadillac Rolls Out Repair Network for Aluminum-Intensive CT6 Sedan

The Cadillac CT6, the first aluminum-skinned vehicle from General Motors, will have its own dedicated factory-certified repair facilities. According to Automotive News, Cadillac said that it is launching the Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network to ensure the lightweight rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan is repaired properly after a crash. MORE

I-CAR and Canadian Colleges Offer Welding Certifications

Acquiring the basic skills to perform proper welds is key for the long-term health of the industry. This is true now more than ever. With the collision repair industry undergoing a "technical tsunami" of new lightweight vehicles, the need for updated and advanced welding training for all technicians has never been more urgent. As Collision Repair Magazine states, good thing then that the links between I-CAR and Canada's major polytechnical institutes are stronger than ever. MORE 

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