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Tap into Maximum Welding Potential

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Element ALThe latest news on aluminum alloys, including market trends, technology advancements and more!

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January 2016

A Complete Solution

Aluminum Solutions

Aluminum can be a challenging material for manufacturing, but not every manufacturer faces the same challenges. That's why Lincoln Electric offers three unique, feature-packed solutions tailored to a user's specific needs, all of which include the essential attributes you should expect for success in welding aluminum. MORE

Watch a Demo of SuperGlaze HD from FABTECH

SuperGlaze HD demo

When it comes to high production aluminum welding, not all aluminum welding wires are created equal. In demanding welding environments, standard aluminum wire can result in inconsistent wire feeding and poor arc characteristics resulting in costly downtime. SuperGlaze® HD was developed to address those common problems and make the aluminum welding process easier. This video from FABTECH 2015 shows how SuperGlaze HD ensures smooth and trouble-free wire feeding without wire shavings, even in the most demanding aluminum applications. MORE

January Aluminum Price Forecast

According to a report from the International Business Times, an increase in US consumer spending has boosted investors' hopes of a stronger economic projection for the year ahead. MetalMiner adds that the immediate, short-term result has led to a  rise in stocks of Australian mining conglomerates, with an extended rally in raw material prices, helping put an end to the recent commodity retreat. MORE

Novelis Reports Progress in Aluminum Recycling

As reported by Recycling Today, Atlanta-based aluminum rolling and recycling company Novelis has published its 2015 sustainability report, detailing what it says is significant progress toward increasing recycled aluminum use and using natural resources more efficiently. MORE

The Race to Find the Perfect Aluminum Alloy

Automakers are striving to meet the government's 54.5 mpg average fuel economy standard per fleet that is on the books for 2025. And, according to Automotive News, sooner or later all manufacturers will be forced to turn to aluminum for a greater number of body panels to reduce weight and improve fuel economy. MORE

A Year in Aluminum

From cars to cans and everything in between, 2015 was a big year for the aluminum industry. The Aluminum Association's 2015 Annual Report looks back at the year that was in aluminum, while providing insight on what to expect in 2016. MORE 

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