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Welding Products Market Outlook 2020

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  • Nov 03, 2014
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Welding Products Market Outlook 2020

Research and Markets has added a new report highlighting the welding consumables market that segments the market based on technology, product types, application and key regions. Key technologies included in the report are arc welding, resistance welding, oxy-fuel welding and cutting, laser beam welding and ultrasound welding. MORE 

Increase Welding Productivity With A Simple Product Change

If you could experience a 20 percent gain in productivity within your welding operations with a switch in material - such as pickled heavy gauge steel - would you consider it? Some of the world's largest industrial manufacturers have made the switch and have seen increased productivity and production improvement in their automated welding processes. Lisa Reisman, reporter for MetalMiner, covers the story. MORE

Lincoln Electric Acquires Easom Automation Systems, Inc.

Lincoln Electric is proud to announce that it has acquired Easom Automation Systems, Inc., a privately held integrator and manufacturer of automation and positioning solutions, serving heavy fabrication, aerospace and automotive OEMs and suppliers. MORE 

Two Industries That Have Evolved Together

Welding advancements have been steered by the automotive industry and the welding industry continues to develop automated and robotic systems to streamline the production process. Nestor Gula of Canandian Metalworking covers this driving force behind welding. MORE 

What To Consider When Choosing A Robotic Welding Torch

Would you let someone else pick your spouse for you? Then, why would you let someone else pick out your robotic welding torch? Though this simple tool does serious grunt work, most robot users do not put enough effort into selecting a welding torch that will meet production needs and last the life of the robot. Heath Suraba of Lincoln Electric provides guidance on how to select the right robotic torch in this article from Fabricating & Metalworking. MORE 

The Right Skills For Tomorrow's Students

Jobs are changing and the level of technology is increasing - using more robotic automation. Arm your students with the right skills. Expand their skill level to include robotic training. For a limited time, purchase a Robotic Education Cell and receive a FREE 3-in-1 robotic welding fixture. MORE 


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