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Turning a Challenge into an Opportunity: Designing the Micro-Adjust Boring Head  


Unexpected challenges are regular occurrences in the machining industry. When a supplier decided to discontinue boring heads used in multiple CLIMAX products, CLIMAX was faced with an unexpected challenge - and a great opportunity.


Learn more about the innovative solution.



Boring Precisely Aligned Holes


Boring holes that are far apart creates challenges in achieving the precision you require.


Learn how  an optical alignment tool designed specifically for pairing with a CLIMAX line boring machine eliminates the guesswork of sag calculations and helps you meet your accuracy requirements.  





While the holidays are an exciting time of year, they can also add extra stress and distractions to daily routines. What can you and your company do to minimize these factors? CLIMAX's Strategic Designer of "Well-Being" Karen Kinslow and Facility and Safety Team Leader Joe Whitton share CLIMAX's approach to helping keep employees safe in and out of the workplace around the holiday season and throughout the year.


Learn more here.




Gantry Mill Saves Time, Headache


Faced with having to excavate the current system from deep in the recesses of a hydroelectric plant and reinstalling the entire gear box mount area, a CLIMAX customer was instead able to mill the sill plates in place to the correct specifications, relieving pressure on the gearbox casing. 


Learn more about this project.






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