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“세계적인 수준의 Portable 장비선두주자”

1966년 설립되어 세계 최고의 Portable 장비 제조 업체로 호평받고 있으며, 현대중공업, 한전KPS, 두산중공업, GE, COCA-COLA, PEPSI등 세계 유수의 기업에 납품하고 있습니다. Boring Machine, Flange Facing, Key & 3-Axis, Portable Lathes, Valve Repair Machine등을 생산 및 판매하고 있습니다.

  1. Portable Boring Machine

BB5500 (Coupling) 문서 다운로드

Application for Boring Machine

  • Line boring of heavy construction equipment buckets and articulated joints
  • Drag Line housing repair
  • Line boring of dam wicket gate bushings
  • Ship stern tube and rudder leaf boring
  • Re-boring of turbine shell housings
  • Turbine coupling boring

  2. Portable Welding Machine

Application for Welding Machine
• Welding for bore and flange
• Repair for valve

  3. Portable Cladding Machine

Application for Cladding Machine
• Applying the highest quality clad overlay
•Cladding on small diameter nozzles, cylinders and pipes

  4. Portable Flange Facer

Application for Flange Facer
• Re-facing of ship hatch sealing surfaces
• Re-machining of rotary crane bearing surfaces
• Re-facing of main steam inlet flanges
• Re-surfacing if large pump base housings
• Re-facing of valve flanges
• Heat exchange repair

  5. Portable Mills/Lathes

Key Mill

Application for Key Mill
• Milling of keyways in motor shafts
• Milling of stress relief slots in bridges
• Machining of pipe ID flats

Circular Mill & Milling Machine Application for CM & Milling Machine
• Milling of base plates for mounting pumps and motors
• Milling of platens of large die casting presses
• Machining of lock and dam gates
• Milling of vertical slides on steel rolling mills

Application for Lathes
• Repairing of yoke assemblies on ship rudder control devices
• Re-machining of rotor journal turbine shafts and fan shafts
• Re-turning of elevator motor shafts
• Re-machining of agitator journals
• Re-machining of gearing journals on large shafts

  6. Portable Valve Repair

Application for Valve Repair
• Repairing and refurbishing of MSIV valves
• Grinding and lapping of globe, check and gate valve seats
• Machining of ball valve seats
•On-site re-machining of seat and seal areas on Fisher and Dresser control valves
• In-place repair of safety valves

  7. Special Custom-made Equipment

Army corps project markland lock repair machine on mock up fixture

FF6200-seoul-machinery-watermark.jpgFF6200 seoul machinery watermark

Lamina Magnetic Drill

turbine-coupling-seat-grinding.jpgTubine coupling seat grinding

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