High-Quality Orbital Welders and Automatic Pipe Welding Systems


CLIMAX, the industry’s leading manufacturer of portable machining, welding, and valve testing systems, is excited to merge with S.F.E. Group, based in Houston, Texas. S.F.E offers the world’s most comprehensive range of pipe fabrication, orbital welding, and cutting solutions. Together, these companies will now offer the widest range of specialized machining, welding, and fabrication equipment.


We are pleased to introduce MAGNATECH to our loyal CLIMAX customer base. The MAGNATECH brand offers orbital welding machines and equipment for a wide range of diverse applications. As a top solution provider of arc welding machines for tube, pipe, and pipeline markets, our range of orbital welding systems is designed to meet specific challenges, whether minimal clearances in maintenance applications or use by lesser skilled operators in remote locations and hostile environments. 


Designed for reliability and simplicity in programming and operation, our orbital welders and unique welding systems will improve productivity, reduce weld repair rates, and produce consistent welds meeting all code standards.





MAGNATECH orbital welding machines and equipment are available from the international S.F.E. Group branches on four continents and from S.F.E. Group’s extensive and continuously expanding global network of partners and distributors. Contact a MAGNATECH sales manager for your orbital cutting, bevelling, and welding applications.


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