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S.F.E. Group combines forces with CLIMAX Portable Machining & Welding Systems




The Pioneering Continues:Expanding our offering as the premier ‘one-call / one-stop’ solution for portable, highly engineered machining and specialized fabrication tools.



CLIMAX, based in Newberg, Oregon, pioneered the portable machine tool business and has been the industry’s leading manufacturer for almost 60 years. S.F.E. Group, based in Houston, Texas, offers the world’s most comprehensive range of pipe fabrication, orbital welding and cutting solutions. Together, these companies will now offer the widest range of highly engineered industrial tools for portable machining, cutting, and specialized fabrication.


S.F.E Group is excited to announce this transformative move that will mark a step change in our growth journey and reinforce our combined commitment to deliver unparalleled value to our customers and partners across the globe. By joining forces, we are combining our strengths, resources, and expertise to create a powerhouse in the portable machining and fabrication industry. Together, we will forge ahead with a shared vision, expanded capabilities, and an enhanced ability to meet the evolving needs of our customers and partners globally,” says Vinay Varma, CEO of S.F.E. Group.


S.F.E. Group was formed with the vision of merging various fabrication tool businesses and brands together to offer the world’s most comprehensive range of orbital welding, pipe fabrication, and cutting solutions. Adding CLIMAX, BORTECH, H&S TOOL, and CALDER to our portfolio provides our combined customers with an unrivaled offering of complementing industrial tools while also expanding our global presence to offer an unmatched level of local support and service.” 


Aidan Tagliaferro, President S.F.E. Group


CLIMAX is the #1 brand in our industry for a reason, but we never rest! We believe CLIMAX and S.F.E Group are a unique and natural strategic fit. By becoming a ‘one-call / one-stop’ solution for portable, highly engineered machining and specialized fabrication tools, this merger will provide added convenience, efficiency, and a streamlined experience for our customers. Together, we now offer the widest range of equipment options and comprehensive support, allowing our customers to focus on competing with the highest quality, best-performing tools available without the hassle of coordinating multiple suppliers.”


Tom Cunningham, CEO CLIMAX


CLIMAX and S.F.E. Group are already actively working together to unlock new possibilities, solutions, and value for all our customers across the globe. With the combined coverage of 250+ sales locations and a product portfolio now spanning across 12 brands and 300+ products, we want to thank our customers, employees, partners, and stakeholders for their continued support and loyalty. 


Vinay Varma

S.F.E. Group CEO

Aidan Tagliaferro

S.F.E Group President

Tom Cunningham




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